Public Records

The Open Records Law allows the public to inspect and/or obtain copies of public records. Parkesburg Borough has adopted Open Records Regulations and Procedures- Resolution No. 2008-31. Requests for information should be addressed to the Open Records Officer in person, by mail, by fax, or by email.
You will be charged a fee for all copies you request. Copies will not be provided until you have paid the applicable fee.



  • Document $0.25 each page
  • Certification $5.00 per record
  • Disc/CD $3.00 each
  • Specialized Documents (i.e., blue prints, maps, color copies) Actual cost
  • Incident Report $20.00
  • Accident Report $15.00
NOTE: Prepayment will be required if a fee is expected to exceed $100.00

The Borough does not charge for time spent redacting, or blacking out, nonpublic information in a public document, but the Borough will charge for making all copies needed to produce redacted material for viewing by the requester.You will receive a response within five business days of the Open Records Office's receipt of your request.

The response will:
  • State how and when you may inspect or obtain copies of the records you requested; or
  • Inform you, when appropriate, of any additional time that will be needed for legal review of your request or for the gathering or duplicating of the requested records; or
  • Inform you, when appropriate, that some or all of the requested records are not subject to production under the Open Records Law.
  • If you disagree with a determination of the Open Records Office, you may file an appeal to the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records. Visit their website for guidelines and forms for appeals. Decisions of the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records may be appealed to Court.
You may make a request for records online by completing this form: Request for Records
You may also download a PDF version here. Please send/email/fax completed forms to the Open Records Officer:

For Borough Records:

Rebecca Durnall
Borough of Parkesburg
315 W. 1st Avenue, Building 1
Parkesburg, PA  19365
Fax: 610-857-1101

For Police Records:

Ann Smoker
Parkesburg Police Department
315 W. 1st Avenue, Building 2
Parkesburg, PA  19365
Fax: 610-857-3550