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Posted on: June 17, 2020

A Message from the Mayor

Borough of Parkesburg SEAL

We have and do support a culture of inclusion. We daily do all we can to encourage all our fellow citizens to freely participate in civil discourse with every part our borough government. We believe this requires vigilance of the highest caliber to maintain. We demonstrate by our efforts and practice the one unified, indelible goal, that we are a government of and for the people of our community, commonwealth and nation. We pledge by our words and deeds that we cherish our town and our fellow citizens.

It is civics 101. We will, by our actions and words, do our best for every citizen of our fine town. There is no tolerance for an absence of respect. We will listen and we will be heard. For a community to thrive it must be one of participation. Both by the governed, and government. Some may protest. Some may have complaint. All must have justice.

Violence is the result of un-resolved anger. It is not and will never be a solution.  It may be inevitable when the offended has sought redress, but was met with silence. It is even understandable, but in hind sight only, and only after the damage is done. We join all who mourn the murder of Mr. George Floyd. We are heartbroken. We abhor and denounce the evident and abiding presence of bigotry existing in our society. The government of the Borough of Parkesburg, joins with the aggrieved and will, to the limits of its human ability, redouble its efforts to be the government for all of us.

For in the end it boils down to “you and me”. The solution is simple. Be kind, be honest, be respectful, be color and spiritually blind. Be decent. And every day, do something for somebody else. Do unto others as you wish they do unto you. Don’t wait. Be first.

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