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January 8, 2021 9:27 AM

Declaration of Local Disaster Emergency From Mayor John P. Hagan, II

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak affecting the region, Mayor John P. Hagan, II has declared a further extension of the previously issued Local Disaster Emergency scheduled to terminate on January 1, 2021. This declaration is meant to manage COVID-19 transmission in our community as well as to enhance resource allocation for our emergency services. This pandemic had been slowed - due to proactive conduct and the use of mask and maintaining social separation and following other guidelines as promulgated by the Governor and the Commonwealth's Health Department. However,this pandemic has taken further surge beginning in November of 2020 coinciding with "flu season" such that the pandemic has not ceased to cause harm to citizens of the Commonwealth and the Borough of Parkesburg. Recent data from the Chester County Health Department (by means of a screen shot dated December 29, 2020) identifies that 3.21% of the population of the Borough (126 persons) has contacted COVID-19 and 2 persons are purported to have died from the disease. Thus, the Borough is still in the throes of this pandemic and must continue to act proactively to mitigate deja disease. This declaration is to ensure that the residents and business owners in the Borough of Parkesburg will have all the assistance that is needed during this State of Emergency.
This declaration constitutes an extension of the last version adopted and continues its terms and requires adherence to all health department recommendation (State and County) on social distancing and hand washing practices. This declaration continues unabated until February 22, 2021 or unless terminated earlier or extended - as deemed appropriate. For the latest updates on COVID -19, visit the Chester County Health Department webpage at

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